Love Your Planet with a Green Living Commitment!

Have you ever wanted to know some simple ways to live more sustainably here at Bowdoin? Take this survey to learn more, commit to green living, and win monthly prizes! (Update for 2017-2018: use

Your commitments here will help you make simple, ecological, and economical choices, as well as deepen the impact of Bowdoin’s Climate Action Plan and commitment to being Carbon Neutral by 2020.

This checklist is designed to help you create and foster the sorts of healthy habits and behaviors that will reduce your carbon footprint and increase your quality of life. Yes! It’s that good!

If the ideas of green or sustainable living are new to you, we recommend pledging to the the first 10 actions in Section 1. This will get you certified at the Bronze Level and is a wonderful start!

For those who are wanting and willing to do a bit more, Section 2 provides points with each commitment that you make, and the more points you earn, the higher your level of Green Living Commitment, from Silver to Gold to GREEN.

Upon the submission of your commitment, you will receive an email with your score. Please use your email address to sign in. Following that, an EcoRep will deliver your Green Living Commitment door card and a sticker to demonstrate your level of commitment. Please proudly display these on your door to encourage others to live green! Be sure to leave your email address, dorm, and room number to ensure that you receive your sticker.

Dorms with the HIGHEST level of Green Living Commitments will receive special recognition! You can always return to this survey to commit to new actions and up your level of commitment.

There will be MONTHLY RAFFLE DRAWINGS for people at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels. People who have attained the Green Level will be entered into all raffles.

Please contact Sustainable Bowdoin or your Eco-Rep if you have any questions or comments. We are at, or come on up to the 2nd floor of Rhodes Hall and say hello!