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Studio Tour: Art Professor Jackie Brown’s Biomorphic Sculptures Archives

If the door to Jackie Brown’s studio happens to be open, and you glance in, you’ll see a vision that looks as if it could have been lifted from the pages of a fantastical children’s book.

In her studio in the Edwards Center colorful sculptures — some bulbous, others sinewy — appear to be growing from the floor and morphing as they climb. Mechanical looking arms jut out from the walls. Limbs made from lightly filigreed plastic arc over strange, squatting forms that look partly playful, partly gruesome.

Assistant Professor of Art Jackie Brown recently offered a brief tour of her studio, explaining that most of her current pieces derive from three different installations: “Surging Seepage,” “Brain Fruit,” and “Ignition Sequence.” She has combined the three installations into her current exhibit, “Mutated Growth.”