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Time Lapse: The 2016 Student Activities Fair, By the Numbers and Very Fast Archives


Every September, Bowdoin’s student groups present their clubs at the Student Activities Fair to recruit new members. This year, more than 124 groups attended the event, which was held Tuesday night in the Smith Union.

The campus clubs cover the spectrum of student life, from politics to religion, arts, music, sports, volunteering, comedy, multicultural life, science, etc.

First year Elizabeth Crowdus said she came to the fair to get a sense of what clubs Bowdoin had to offer. “I was most definitely a little overwhelmed with how many different interesting options there were,” she said. “If I was surprised by anything, it was how many different clubs there were, some that it would never occur to me would exist.”

Hannah Berman ’18, president of the Bowdoin Baking Club, said the fair “is a fun way to see the diverse array of activities Bowdoin students are engaged in as well as promote an activity that can give back to the community.” The baking club doesn’t just make treats for its members, it also bakes for the local food pantry and soup kitchen.

Calder McHuge ’19, editor of the Bowdoin Orient, was on hand to publicize the student newspaper and attract new readers and contributors. “It was really great to see all the enthusiasm for the Orient from the first years and others,” he said. “I think the fair’s a really effective way to advertise all these clubs to the Bowdoin community.”

Henry Bredar ’19 reported this story.

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