Slideshow: 30th Annual Cross-Country Team Canoe Race

Members of the cross-country team took to the water September 7, 2016, for an amphibious workout that’s been a Bowdoin tradition for nearly three decades—the cross-country team canoe race.

The team ran a two-mile warm-up to the Brunswick Boat Launch on the Androscoggin River. Runners then jumped into sixteen canoes, and paddled three-and-a-half miles into Merrymeeting Bay and the finish line that is the old Bay Bridge between Topsham and Brunswick. Three canoes capsized during the race—one by a paddling error, one by a mischievous opponent, and the third one in retaliation for being tipped over. After the canoe race they then ran six-and-a-half miles back along the river to campus in time for the end of a dinner featuring locally grown food that was raised or caught in Maine, such as mussels, roasted potatoes, and strawberry shortcake.

“It’s a character-building workout to paddle for three miles,” said Coach Peter Slovenski. “The combination of running and canoeing is a powerful way of practicing mental toughness over a long span of time. Then we got to the finish with such a great dinner in the dining hall.”

First place: Bridger Tomlin ’17 and Ryan Barrett ’17 — 57:38
Second place: Jack Richardson ’19 and Nicole Anthony ’19 — 1:01:28
Third place: Bennett Sneath ’20 and Caroline Corban ’17 — 1:04:54

thumb:During his visit to Bowdoin, Dr. King visited the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to view the groundbreaking exhibition The Portrayal of the Negro in American Painting. He is pictured here with Curator Marvin Sadik.