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Orientation Trips to Take Off to Maine Points Near and Far Archives

On Wednesday, a day after the class of 2020 arrives on campus, all the first years will head out for Maine adventures in small groups. Some will go north or west to backpack, canoe, or do trail work. Others will drive up the coast to Washington County to work with Wabanaki communities. Still others will stay on campus and make daily trips to volunteer with local nonprofits.

For much of this summer, two students—Olivia Bean ’17 and Diana Furukawa ’18—have been planning and organizing the orientation trips.

To get a sense of where the students travel, the map above shows where all of 54 of the trips will be based, or where they will start their trip. Some groups will camp in one spot and make day trips; other trips—like the backpacking and some canoeing trips—will start and finish in different locations. The blue markers indicate Bowdoin Outing Club trips, the purple ones mark McKeen Center community engagement trips.

The students return on Saturday to start orientation at Bowdoin. Classes begin Wednesday, August 31.