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Video and Slideshow: Arrival Day for Class of 2020 Archives

Friendly student volunteers were on hand Tuesday morning, August 23, 2016, to lend a hand and welcome carloads of incoming first-years and their families. The Class of 2020 arrived on campus from all corners of the country, and beyond, laden with luggage to move into their new dorm rooms. For many it was a bittersweet occasion, a chance to say “goodbye and good luck,” as these new Bowdoin arrivals prepare for “the best four years of their lives.”

After settling into their new dorm rooms, first-years headed to Farley Field House for a barbecue before “camping out” inside the building. The following morning students headed out on their various orientation trips across the state. They are due to return Saturday to start orientation at Bowdoin. Classes begin Wednesday, August 31.

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