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Franz in Philly, Describes ‘Electric Night’ at DNC Archives

Michael Franz

Michael Franz

Associate Professor of Government Michael Franz presented yesterday at a National Democratic Institute conference in Philadelphia, PA, where the party convention is also being held.

He spoke about campaign ads and their effectiveness, which is part of his research with the Wesleyan Media project. Conference attendees were foreign officials interested in learning more about the American political process, Franz explained.

As a guest of the Institute, which is loosely affiliated with the Democratic Party, Franz was invited to attend the Democratic National Convention.

“I participated as an academic and would have welcomed the chance to attend the Republican National Convention as well,” Franz wrote in an email.

“Some of our country’s most famous and memorable political speeches have happened at these conventions, and they allow the rank-and-file in each party to come together and iron out a plan for the election. To observe the proceedings was a real dream-come-true for me. And it was an electric night in the hall.”