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Bowdoin Club of San Francisco celebrates summer Archives

Mark Twain’s comment, “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco” was shared several times around the crowd at the Bowdoin Lobster Roll Picnic and Class of 2020 Send-Off in Golden Gate Park Saturday. But the chilly temps and crisp breezes didn’t keep warm spirits away as the Bay Area Bowdoin community came out to welcome a strong showing of new students heading from Northern California to Brunswick in a couple of weeks.

“Thirty years ago, I was in this same park at a similar event, getting ready to head to Bowdoin for my own first year,” reflected native Californian, Holly Varian Zuklie ’90, in her welcoming remarks as she introduced the Class of 2020 to the group.  Joining her in the welcome of the new students and their families were alumni from across the decades along with current students and recent graduates. While standing in front of the Lobstah Truck waiting to collect a lobster roll and whoopee pie, Grace Butler ’16 introduced herself to Pete Bull ’20. Originally from Georgia and having just moved to San Francisco, when the Offer of the College came up in conversation Grace noted with an appreciative smile that she like to add “so far” to the line “the best four years of your life.” While meaning something different to each, with one just finishing and the other just beginning their Bowdoin experience, immediately they had a connection through the long-standing traditions – and community – of the College.

Crowding around picnic tables to share lunch, swapping stories about upcoming weddings, admiring new babies and toddlers in Bowdoin gear, and catching up with old friends and new, the day was one of Bowdoin reflection and connection on the West Coast. See you next year!

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