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Map Locates Student Summer Projects From the Cook Islands to Brunswick Archives


When Senior Interactive Developer David Francis checks the Bowdoin Summer 2016 map he built, he says it’s obvious the “Bowdoin bubble” is a myth. The interactive map allows students around the world to easily post about their summer jobs or internships.

“You can see the reach of the students,” Francis said. “They’re not just stuck in the Bowdoin bubble.” The Bowdoin bubble is the students’ jokey term for the insularity of college life.

Students have so far  posted from as far away as the Cook Islands and South Korea, and as nearby as Brunswick. Sophia Walker ’17, for instance, tells of working on the border of Turkey and Syria, interning for a Turkish NGO that works on the civil documentation crisis for displaced Syrians. Samuel Kenney ’19 reports he is volunteering in Senegal with a small humanitarian aid organization called Maison de la Gare.

Students can add their locations and update their photos throughout the summer by going to the Registration page or clicking on the “Get on the Map” link on the Summer Map. Also check out Bowdoin Summer maps from 2015, 2014, and 2013.