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Cave Paintings Show Homosexuality Part of African History Archives

Many African leaders, most notably perhaps Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, believe that homosexuality was a colonial import, and characterize such behavior as inherently “un-African.” But, they are mistaken, observes Patrick Toomey ’17. Toomey is currently in South Africa, where he’s doing research for his honors thesis on gay activism during the Apartheid-era.


Patrick Toomey ’17

Writing in JHBLive, an online magazine in Johannesburg, Toomey said the evidence exists to show that homosexual practices were not an unusual occurrence in pre-colonial Africa, despite the homophobic rhetoric of many modern day leaders. Take for example the homo-erotic cave paintings created by San Bushmen made more than 2,000 years ago. Read more from Patrick Toomey and his work.