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Holi Spring! Hindu Festival Chalks up a Colorful Holiday Archives

Before and after yesterday’s Holi celebration

On Sunday afternoon, about 100 Bowdoin revelers transformed in mere minutes from cleanly attired students in crisp white T-shirts to walking figures of colorful chalk. They were celebrating Holi, a Hindu “festival of sharing love” that welcomes springtime, its colors and promise.

During Holi, “a lot social boundaries come down,” explained Diya Chopra ’18, “everyone mixes together.” Added Nikhil Dasgupta ’16, “Holi is one of the best holidays, period…it’s a nationwide water gun/color fight.” Chopra also recounted the legend behind Holi. “Good overcomes evil,” she concluded. “It’s about coming together, having fun, and celebrating.”

Organizer Dhivya Singaram ’17, with help from members of Anokha, Bowdoin’s South Asian Association, set out packets of chalk and water guns in the women’s soccer field for the revelers. They ended the event by serving local Indian food and providing a hose for students to try to clean off.

Singaram added that “this event could not have been possible without the help and support of so many people and departments on campus! I am so grateful for everyone’s help.”

Photos by Michele Stapleton