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Exemplary Student Employees Recognized for Campus Work Archives

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Madeleine Livingston ’16, Joan Yego ’16, Talia Cowen ’16, Lindsey Duff ’18, David Levine ’16, and Zachary Watson ’16

Seven students who work different jobs on campus, including as a laboratory dishwasher, a multimedia correspondent, an information desk monitor, a head tour guide, and a library assistant, were recently recognized by their campus supervisors as being a “once-in-five-years student employee.”

About 71 percent of the student population work a part-time campus job either during the academic year or the summer, according to Sarah Paul, assistant director of financial aid and student employment. Paul organizes an annual end-of-the-year celebration to honor those students who have made a special contribution in the area they’re employed, which can range from the dining halls to academic departments.

Out of the seven nominees, Joan Yego ’16 received the Student Employee of the Year award and a $100 prize. Yego has worked for the past three years as a technical services assistant in the government documents area of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library. Her boss, Technical Services Receiving Coordinator Lucy Cunningham, called Yego not just a once-in-five-years employee, but a “once-in-ten-years” student.

Cunningham praised Yego’s exceptional attention to detail, unflagging patience, and her determination to complete tedious tasks. She praised Yego’s kindness, graciousness, and sense of humor, even as she worked with government documents, “the weirdest of the weird in library classification.” She added that Yego has over the years assimilated so much knowledge about the field that she has become not just a student employee, but “a colleague.” All told, Yego has boxed over 17,039 government volumes and 56,520 microfiche, and has created an inventory of USGS topographic maps, the first finding tool Bowdoin has ever had for the maps. “You’re irreplaceable,” Cunningham finished. “Thank you.”

Also recognized were Graham Clark, laboratory dishwasher in the biology department; Talia Cowen, multimedia correspondent for communications; Lindsey Duff, events fellow for the sustainability office; David Levine, information desk monitor for Student Activities; Madeleine Livingston, head tour guide for the admissions office; and Zachary Watson, office assistant for the Center for Co-curricular Opportunities.

A few observations about the nominees:

Graham Clark ’16: While dishwashing is not a glamorous job, it is also critical for lab safety. Mountains of tiny tubes and glassware must be kept scrupulously clean. “Our teaching labs are a cleaner and safer space because of you,” biology lab instructor Kate Farnham said.

Talia Cowen ’16: “Impressed with her writing ability, attention to detail, and initiative, we quickly gave Talia more responsibilities, and she ran with it,” Director of News and Media Relations Doug Cook said. “She was a rockstar.”

Lindsey Duff ’18: “Lindsey is the epitome of the queen of all trades,” Kristin Hanzcor in Bowdoin’s sustainability office said. “I can ask her to do anything that comes up.”

David Levine ’16: “We love the energy you bring to your 4p.m.-8p.m. shift, even after a long day of classes,” Silvia Serban in Student Activities said. A colleague of hers added, “David is always striving to provide his customers with platinum-level service, but he’s also very outspoken in a funny and intelligent way that lends a layer of life to the office.”

Madeleine Livingston ’16: “Maddy’s organizational style is envied by all,” said Associate Officer of Admissions Ashley Shinay, adding that Livingston, as head tour guide and a senior interviewer, occupied highly visible roles in the admissions office. “She’s a fantastic representative and ambassador of the college.”

Zachary Watson ’16: “Zac is the epitome of professionalism,” said Corey Colwill, from the Center for Co-curricular Opportunities. Kate Myall, assistant director of Off-Campus Study, added, “Professional, friendly, detail-oriented, committed, reliable, intuitive, smart, confident, collaborative—pretty much every superlative in the book he deserves. And then some.”