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Boston Globe ‘Spotlight’ Editor Scott Allen ’83 on the Film, Marathon Bombings and Investigative Journalism Archives

Click image to watch interview with Scott Allen '83. Image: WCSH/"207")

Click image to watch interview with Scott Allen ’83. (Image: WCSH/”207″)

Scott Allen ’83, editor of the The Boston Globe‘s Spotlight Team, delivered the Cassidy Lecture “From Watergate to ‘Spotlight’—Investigative Journalism in Democracy” March 8, 2016. While on campus Allen was interviewed by the WCSH program 207 about Spotlight, the Oscar-winning film based on the investigative journalism of the team he now oversees, about coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and the state of investigative journalism.

Watch the 207 interview and find Allen’s Cassidy Lecture on Bowdoin Talks, home to lectures, talks, and discussions by newsmakers and distinguished experts.