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Prof. Mark Wethli Show “(Un)conditional Color” Opens in NYC Archives

All_Four.EM_Mark Wethli’s new curated show, (Un)conditional Color, opened Feb. 24 at The Curator Gallery, at 520 West 23rd Street in New York City. It runs through April 2nd.

It is the third show that Wethli, Bowdoin’s A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art, has put together at the gallery. The exhibit brings together four abstract painters, Suzanne Laura Kammin, Jason Karolak, Tom Krumpak and Brooke Nixon, “whose use of vibrant, uncompromising color is a defining characteristic of their art, but whose work also contends with the relational and interdependent nature of color, as well as its personal, cultural, and social significance,” Wethli said.

A few alumni showed up at the show’s opening, including Ben Livingston ’13, David Bruce ’13, Andy/Dehao Zheng ’14, Devin Hardy ’13, Lisa/Elizabeth Lacy Dahl ’93, Haley Gewandter ’14, Daniel Eloy ’15, and Phoebe Happ ’14.​


Ben Livingston, David Bruce, Andy Zheng and Devin Hardy.