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Planes, Trains, and Buses: You Can Get There From Here Archives

To those outside of Maine, Bowdoin College might seem perched at the edge of the world. But the college is part of a well-connected transportation network, and, according to Bowdoin students, is easy to get to and to leave. Twice-daily buses and trains depart from Brunswick for Portland and Boston. The Concord Coach bus and Amtrak train leave from the same station, which is just a few minutes walk from campus. Boston is about two hours by bus and three by train, and Portland, with its international airport, is just 30 minutes away.

Thanks to students Charlie Southwick ’18, Marc Berson ’18, Eriq Byrne ’19, Zenzele Best ’17, Christina Sours ’16, Amanda Milloy ’17, Toby Omola ’19, Isabella McCann ’19, Louisa Austin ’18, Julia O’Rourke ’19, Leah Alper ’17, Laura Cotter ’18, Dylan Parsons ’18, Peter Newstein ’19 and Julianna Hauri ’18