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Isaacson Recalls Arguing Before Scalia Archives

George Isaacson '70

George Isaacson ’70

In the wake of the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, adjunct lecturer and Maine attorney George Isaacson ’70, who was on the winning side of a unanimous and precedent-setting Supreme Court decision last year, spoke of his experience as it related to Scalia.

“In my recent argument before the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia was the most active participant on the bench,” said Isaacson. “His questions were exceedingly polite, but also penetratingly probing. Whether counsel agreed with his positions or not, one could not help but be impressed by his imposing intellect and dedication as a jurist.”

Isaacson is teaching Constitutional Law this semester and says Monday’s assignment included a decision authored by Scalia dealing with hate speech ordinances.

More about Isaacson and the Supreme Court case here. The decision is available on the Supreme Court website.