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Chronicle of Higher Education: Bowdoin a Top School for Fulbright Students Archives

In 2015, 17 Bowdoin students and recent graduates were awarded Fulbright fellowships, making the College one of the highest ranked undergraduate institutions for producing Fulbright students. The full list of institutions is available here.

Just about half of the Bowdoin students who applied for a Fulbright last year were accepted. The recipients fanned out across the world, from Asia to South America, to teach English or pursue research. You can read about them here.

Cindy Stocks, director of the Student Fellowships & Research office, said Bowdoin’s Fulbright applicants can point to impressive track records that demonstrate the ways they have already developed the knowledge and skills to be “excellent” ambassadors for the U.S. “We really encourage our students to be intentional about their four years – to take a wide variety of courses, to make the most of their summer opportunities, to be thoughtful about study away, and to give back to their community through extra-curricular and volunteer activities,” she said. “This makes for well-rounded students who think critically about the world outside of the U.S., which aligns perfectly with Fulbright’s mission to enhance cross-cultural understanding.”

2015 FULBRIGHT POSTER - print-ready