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Prof. Vete-Congolo launches new book of poetry, “Mon parler de Guinee.” Archives

“Mon parler de Guinée”, [My African Tongue] Prof. Vété-Congolo’s new book of poetry was released in September 2015 with the prestigious Collection “Poètes des cinq continents” of the renown French publishing House, Éditions L’Harmattan. The book is written in French, Creole and many more languages. It is a tribute to Africa and what it has become in the New World. It is prefaced, introduced and postfaced by prominent francophone poets, writers and scholars from West and North Africa, France and the Caribbean. Here is what scholar and writer, Tanella Boni writes about “Mon parler de Guinée”: “Have we known a more singular book of poetry? “Mon parler de Guinée” is built with the highest meticulousness. It is at the crossroads of all of the words from “within” expressed in tongue and language […]. Where do these words come from and where do they go? They travel along all of the stratums of the world, visible and invisible, sacred and profane, inviting the reader to see, hear, to see and hear as much as to understand.”