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Overheard at a Thorne Thanksgiving Archives

Each year Moulton Union and Thorne Hall lay out an early — and huge — Thanksgiving feast for students. On the menu at Thorne this year: roast turkey, dressing, turkey gravy, Maine cider glazed baked ham, roasted vegetable pot pie with homemade vegan biscuits, venison and root vegetable stew, baby spinach and pear salad with raspberry vinaigrette, steamed peas, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, oatmeal molasses pan rolls, corn bread, Maine pumpkin break, apple pie, egg and gluten-free apple crisp, Maine pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

Here are a few of the comments — exclamatory or anticipatory — overheard during the dinner:

  • It’s magical to see all of Bowdoin coming together to celebrate the holiday. I’m so excited to be here as a senior! Also, I love the pumpkin bread. – Meredith Christian ’16
  • I haven’t actually had the dinner yet but there’s a lot of hype. I hope it lives up to the expectations. – Levi Morant ’19
  • I think the wait leading up to Thanksgiving dinner is the most exciting part. People really do crowd up and it’s kind of like a concert! – Ama Gyamerah ’17
  • I love that we all find ways to create these family atmospheres, whether it’s with your team or your first-year floor.  – Lizzie Takyi ’17
  • This is my inaugural Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m really proud of Bowdoin for putting so much effort into the meal. It makes me proud to be here and be part of this community. Job well done to the dining staff! – David Pachter ’19
  • Advice? Line pie. I ate two slices of pie while I was waiting in line. – Lizzie Givens ’17
  • This cranberry sauce is divine! – Kelsey Freeman ’16