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October 1, 2015 Intersections: Making Connections, Moving Forward Archives

Teach-in schedule:

8:30 – 10:00

Open Class: Earth Care: Public Health, Disease, and Environmental Inequalities in the Anthropocene, Matt Klingle, John Lichter and Environmental Studies 1101. (Kresge)

9:35 – 9:55

Open Class: Forced Migration and Interdependence: A Climate Dance Event, Paul Sarvis and Dance 1101. (Bowdoin Quad)

10:00 – 11:15

Welcoming Plenary: Framing the Questions, Mark Battle, Susan Kaplan, Brian Purnell (Morrell Gym)

11:30 – 1:00 Panel Discussions

A Heritage of Greed: Colonial Enterprises’ Past and Present, Nadia Celis (moderator), Greg Beckett, Connie Chiang and Haneta Vete-Congolo (Smith Auditorium)

Is the US Political System Broken? Laura Henry (moderator), Cory Gooding, Andy Rudalevige, and Jeff Selinger (Kresge)

Faith, Justice and Nature (starting at 12:00), Madeleine Msall (moderator), Irfan Alam ‘18, Elizabeth Givens ‘17, Julie O’Donnell ‘17, David Vargas ’16, Jonah Watt ‘18 (Daggett)

11:30 – 1:00 Open Classes

The Proposed Second Central American Canal in Nicaragua: Environmental and Social Consequences, Nat Wheelwright and Allen Wells. (Cleveland 151)

Chemical Exposure Risks: Public Safety and Burden of Proof, Dharni Vasudevan and Chemistry 3050. (Druckenmiller 24)

Mercy, Mercy Me: The Environment, the Blues and Hip-Hop, Randy Stakeman. (Gibson 101)

#BlackLivesMatter vs. Climate Change?, Mary Hunter and Mark Foster. (Cram Alumni Barn)

Imagining Futures: Readings from Science Fiction on Identity and the Environment, Rayne Sampson ’18, Noah Dubay ’19, Elena Schaef ’16, Adira Polite ‘18 and Arielle Saiber. (Searles 115)

Bookmaking, Humans and Nature, Nicole Pietrantoni. (105 Edwards Arts Center)

Problems, Agitations and Solutions, Dale Syphers, Sree Padma and Divya Gupta. (ES Commons)

Sonic Environments: Composing Analogies to Social and Natural Processes, Frank Mauceri and Music 2551 (Studzinski)

Natural Climate Variability in the Equatorial Pacific: Mechanisms and Impacts, Michele Lavigne, Sarah Kingston and EOS 2540 (VAC North)

Policy Pathways for Reducing CO2 Emissions: In Pursuit of Efficacy, Efficiency and Fairness (ends at 12:30), Ta Herrera (Searles 313)

12:00-1:30 Campus Information Expo in Morrell Lounge

1:00 – 2:30 Panel Discussions

Intersectionality: Student Perspectives on Living and Working Together at Bowdoin, Michelle Kruk ‘16, Elina Zhang ‘16, Lan Crofton ‘17, and Sedonna Shulsky ‘18 (Smith Auditorium)

Oceans and Climate Change: Impact on Human and Ocean Communities, Amy Johnson, Janet Gannon, Damon Gannon, Dan Thornhill and Ta Herrera (Kresge)

Food for Thought: Eating for a Healthier Planet and a Healthier You, Mary Lou Kennedy, Trevor Kenkel ’18, Kevonté Anderson ’16, and Eric Gaze (Daggett)

1:00 – 2:30 Open Classes

Don Quixote of the Arctic: Inuit, Social Justice and Climate Change, Genevieve Lemoine. (Arctic Museum)

What is Fair? Who is Responsible? Global Climate Negotiations and Climate Activism North/South/East/West, Laura Henry Government 2515. (VAC South 303)

Climate Change and Its Impact on Society in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mark Battle and Femi Vaughn. (Searles 313)

Slave Resistance and Revolts, Judith Casselberry, Barbara Krauthamer and Africana Studies 1101. (Adams 406)

Writing After Katrina, Anthony Walton. (Center for Teaching and Learning, Kanbar)

Our Fair Cities? The Urban landscapes of Social and Environmental Inequalities, Matt Klingle and Brian Purnell. (ES Commons)

Two Sides of the Border: Imagining, Experiencing, and Embodying the “Other” with the Facts of Climate Change, Vladimir Douhovnikoff and Abigail Killeen. (Memorial Hall 108)

Public Art: Feminism, Labor, Environment, Natasha Goldman (Cram Alumni Barn)

Starting at 2:30

Slam Poetry organized by Charlotte Dillon ’16 (Studzinski Recital Hall)

2:30 – 4:00 Panel Discussions

Globalization: Wealth, Poverty and Climate Disruption, David Vail, Allen Springer, Rachel Sturman, Susan Kaplan (Smith Auditorium)

Striving for Change: Social Movements and Campus Politics, Heather Witzel Lakin ’17 (moderator), Allyson Gross ’16, Emily Jaques ’17, and John Rensenbrink (Kresge)

Who Owns the Earth: Maine’s Diverse Populations & Environments, Susan Wegner, Anne Hayden, David Gordon, and Michelle Vazquez-Jacobus (Daggett) ends at 3:30.

Stop Killing Us: Power, Violence and Extinction, Scott MacEachern, Patrick Rael and Randy Stakeman (Searles 315)

Public Health in the US and Abroad: Differences in Population Benefits, Stephen Loeb (moderator), Evelyn Sanchez ’17, Meghan Bellerose ’17, Alexander Thomas ’16, Sarah Frankl ’16, Bill De La Rosa ’16, and Aliya Feroe ’17 (Searles 313)

Talking Across Differences, Kate Stern, Belinda Kong, Chuck Dorn, Ashley Bomboka ’16, Paul Chen and Tim Ryan (Cleaveland 151)

2:30 – 4:00 Open Classes

The Reverberations of Socio-Economic Inequality in the Modern Middle East, Robert Morrison. (Pickering Room, Hubbard Hall)

4:00 – 5:15

Concluding Plenary: Ways Forward, Leana Amaez, Katy Longley, Madeleine Msall, Roy Partridge & Sabina Hartnett (Morrell Gym)

Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain, Bowdoin Choir (Morrell Gym)