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Revamped Bowdoin Craft Center Opens for Fall Classes Archives


Assistant Director of Student Activities Laurel Varnell ’14

Bowdoin’s Craft Center was abuzz this past Thursday evening as the center’s new instructors and Assistant Director of Student Activities Laurel Varnell ’14 welcomed students to an open house.

The event was a chance for Varnell to show off a reimagined Craft Center. She spearheaded a revamp of the space this fall, a project that included clearing out the space, hiring new instructors (all students) and restocking basic crafting supplies that had run low.

During the open house, the center’s student instructors led short workshops (such as a make-your-own sugar hand scrub) and demonstrated the crafts they would be teaching, such as knitting and needle felting. Fresh cider and cookies, along with information on this semester’s classes, were on offer.

Nicole Smith ’16 will be offering classes on jewelry making and dorm decorations. Smith said she was excited to get involved with the Craft Center following its makeover. “It’s a great space for Bowdoin students to get away and make things….It’s a hidden treasure.”

The Craft Center will host its first class tonight, Make Your Own Tote Bag, taught by Leah Alper ’17, from 6-9 p.m. Students can sign up for classes at the Smith Union information desk. Classes cost $7 each for non-members and $4 dollars for members. Membership costs $10 and includes one free class. For more information on the center, class offerings or sign-ups, contact