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Speaking of Speeches: Student Speakers on What It Takes To Deliver Archives

Each year, students who want to speak at Bowdoin’s Baccalaureate or Commencement ceremonies submit proposed speeches to a selection committee. Two speakers were chosen for each occasion, along with an alternate.

Margaret Lindeman ’15 and Robert Feeney ’15 will speak at the May 22 Baccalaureate ceremony in Watson Arena, delivering respectively, “The Bowdoin Goodbye” and “Evolving with Empathy.”

Jared Littlejohn ’15 and Stephanie “Stevie” Lane ’15 will gives the Commencement addresses. Lane’s talk is titled “Ahead of Us” and Littlejohn’s is called “Lost and Found.” Andrea Noble is the alternate.

The students spoke about their talks and what compelled them to want to stand before the Bowdoin community and let their voices be heard.