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The McKeen Center this year has honored a few Bowdoin staff, faculty and students who, outside of their busy jobs and classes, commit hours of their free time to helping others in the community.

President Barry Mills, as is his tradition, announced the winners at a small ceremony in Banister Hall. Before he handed out the awards, Mills spoke about the importance of the center, which is the epicenter for community engagement for Bowdoin. “The McKeen Center is the reason people understand that the College is genuinely committed to the common good,” he said. “It drives people to Bowdoin and drives people to stay at Bowdoin.”

President Mills admires his award

President Mills reads his award

After most of the awards had been announced, McKeen Center Director Sarah Seames surprised Mills by giving him an award. He looked stunned. “We wanted to recognize the huge impact you’ve had on revitalizing the idea and mission of the common good at the College,” she said. “We know it is a personal passion of yours.”

Seames praised Mills’s commitment to increasing financial aid at Bowdoin and for strengthening the College’s relationship to its community.


The Award Winners