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Felix Emiliano ’15 Named Bowdoin Student Employee of the Year Archives

Felix Emiliano ’15

Felix Emiliano ’15

Hawthorne-Longfellow Library employee Felix Emiliano ’15 has been recognized by Bowdoin’s Student Employment Office for his outstanding work as a library student assistant.

Emiliano, a computer sciences and math major, was nominated for the annual award by Circulation and User Services Manager Amy Heggie. She described the senior as a “natural mentor, always willing to help our new students learn.” In this role, Emiliano was “unfailingly patient and kind, but clear about expectations and responsibilities,” she added.

Working eight to 12 hours a week, Emiliano often staffed busy shifts alongside new and inexperienced student workers. Though these times could be hectic, Emiliano always remained calm, “with a palpable air of competence” that smoothed the rough edges, Heggie said.

Associate Librarian Judy Montgomery worked closely with Emiliano over the past two years to develop a library app. She said Emiliano brought a level of professionalism to the project that is rare for a student. He first designed the app for one of his computer science courses. “We were so impressed with the final class assignment that we asked Felix to move from concept to full-blown implementation,” Montgomery said. “It turned out that not only did he have wonderful technical skills, but also the ability to transform the ideas and goals of a client (the Library) into something concrete. Felix has the listening and communication skills it takes to explain complex ideas and hear just what you are saying.”

Emiliano and his coworker Leo Fernandez ’14 also began the tradition of “Tie Tuesday,” where they would both wear ties to work at the circulation desk, according to Montgomery.

Heggie said Emiliano manages to be quietly confident and aware of his abilities, yet still remain humble. “These traits are simply just part of who Felix is; he feels no need to one-up anyone or prove anything,” she said. “In my opinion, this is one of the earmarks of a true leader.”

She added, “I doubt we’ll see the likes of Felix around here again any time soon.”