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Students studying dance, music and film this spring worked together in small groups to make four unique short films. The pieces, which contained a theme and at least four variations, included original dance choreography, musical scores and avant garde cinema techniques.  Behind the interdisciplinary assignment were three professors who decided that asking students in different creative fields to work together would strengthen their communication and collaboration skills.

The following three classes came together: Film as a Subversive Art: Avant-Garde Cinema, taught by Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies Sarah Childress; Advanced Dance Composition, taught by Assistant Professor of Dance Charlotte Griffin, and Introduction to Composition, taught by Associate Professor of Music Vineet Shende.

The four student projects:

Filmmakers: Wilder Nicholson ’16 and Elisabeth Strayer ’15
Dancers: Arhea Marshall ’15, Lucy Saidenberg ’15 and Gina Fickera ’18
Musician: Jae-Yeon Yoo ’18 and Henry Pratt ’15

Filmmaker: Mark Pizzi ’16
Laura Griffee ’17, Sarah Guilbault ’18 and Julian Andrews ’17
Musicians: Robert Browne ’18 and Sheng Ge ’16

Filmmakers: Emily Hochman ’15 and Hector Magaña ’16
Dancers: Emma Peters ’16 and David Wu ’17
Musicians: Ethan Barkalow ’18 and Kelsey Berger ’15

Filmmaker: Jake Reiben ’17
Dancers: Emily Bungert ’15, Ashley Koatz ’17 and Fiona Iyer ’18
Musicians: Sam Kyzivat ’18, David Spezia-Lindner ’18