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Composting, Recycling Efforts Reduce Ivies Trash to One Bag Archives


Only one bag of trash from the Ivies concert was hauled to the landfill this year, a remarkable feat considering Ivies is Bowdoin’s biggest and most well-attended event.

This year, Bowdoin’s Sustainability Office teamed up with Bowdoin Dining, Bowdoin Student Government and a local composting company to create a “zero-waste Ivies.”

The company We Compost It!, which recently started curbside pickup in Brunswick, provided composting services. Bowdoin Dining used all-compostable plates, cups, forks, napkins, etc. In total, over 480 pounds of food waste and dining-ware went to compost, according to Olivia Pfeifer ’16, who promotes events for Bowdoin’s Sustainability Office.

A “Green Team” of 12 Bowdoin staff, students and friends of staff volunteered to guide concertgoers to recycle their trash. In return they earned free admission to the concert and a free dinner. Kristin Hanczor ’12, Bowdoin’s sustainability outreach coordinator, said that the Green Team “was essential to the success of the event.”

And that one bag of trash? It was all due to the backstage food that the performers requested and individually wrapped gluten-free options in the dining tent.