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A Week of International Events, from Pan-African Fashions to Korean Dakgalbi Archives

Last week students organized a week of cultural events, from an African fashion and dance show to a night of worldly storytelling. They also offered a cooking workshop, featuring Mexican, Pakistani and Korean dishes, and showed off their musical and creative talents at an annual talent show.

Africa Alliance, a student group that welcomes students interested in Africa or African issues, kicked off the week by offering “Africa Weekend.” The highlight of the weekend was a “Pan-African Fashion Show” in Kresge, in which students showed off diverse fashions and performed. “We not only endeavor to educate our community about African culture and traditions, we also seek to bring to light many of the political and contemporary issues of the African continent,” Hilda Njanike ’17 said, announcing the night of performances.

On Sunday, members of the International Club met in the Faculty room of Mass Hall for “Footsteps, Perspectives: Stories from around the World.” The night was a chance to tell stories about experiences in other countries. Students from Cambodia, China, Pakistan and the U.S. spoke about semesters abroad, spring break adventures or growing up outside of America.

Lucy Luo ’16, who recently toured Madrid, Paris and several towns in Italy spoke about how she enjoyed the light-hearted interactions she had with locals. When the topic of Italy came up, the students had a lot to say. They talked about everything from learning what time of day is appropriate for a cappuccino versus a macchiato, to how different the fast food chains were in Europe. Hassaan Mirza ’17, iClub Vice President, noted that “McDonald’s back home [in Pakistan] is such a nice place to go!”

On Wednesday night, I-Club members gathered to bring some of the world’s cuisines to campus for its annual cooking workshop. Student chefs Yunhui Jeong ’15, Hassaan Mirza ’17 and Karla Olivares ’17 cooked Korean, Pakistani and Mexican food at 30 College Street. Olivares’ made tacos al pastor; Mirza prepared chicken jalfezi from Pakistan; and Jeong cooked Korean dakgalbi. Throughout the evening, many people stopped by to watch the chefs in action or to taste their dishes. The chefs offered the recipes to anyone who wanted them.

Students gathered at Daggett Lounge for the annual International Week Talent Show and Catering Event. Students showed off their musical or dancing skills and food from local ethnic restaurants was served.

The International Club also organized an international trivia night at the pub; set up a language station in Smith Union to teach passing students their name or phrases in a foreign language; and organized a talk, by Associate Professor of Government Henry Laurence, on “pop culture, global markets and soft power.”