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Annual Delta Sig Art Show Honors Student Artists Archives

The foundation set up by the former Bowdoin Greek organization, Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon, recently awarded prizes to five students, of the 20, who submitted artworks to its 16th annual Bowdoin art show.

The student winners were Daniel Eloy ’15 for his large-format photo, “In the Woods”; Logan House ’17 for his self-portrait painted with oils; Mariah Reading ’16 for her oil portrait, “Abby”; Brandon Pinette ’15, for an untitled oil portrait of a grizzled man; and Ella Blanchon ’16 for a large oil portrait of a young woman titled “Molly.”

Each year, students submit selections from their portfolios — including sculpture, paintings, sketches, mixed media art and photographs. There is typically too much art to fit in Lamarche Gallery, and so it is displayed not only in the gallery but also along the hallways outside.

The award show is supported by a foundation set up by Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon, which once had the reputation of attracting artistic, creative students. After members sold the fraternity house in 1990, they set up two funds to support the arts at Bowdoin — one a scholarship and the other an activity fund.

Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon alumni at the exhibition reception on Friday evening included Peter Simmons, Michael Margolis, Audrey Gup-Matthews, Meg Barclay, Arnie Macdonald, Charlotte Agell and Liza Moore, all from the classes of 1978 to 1981.