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Kelsey Gallagher and Olivia Paone

Two student curators who want to fill Smith Union with student art have lined up a series of exhibitions for the spring semester.

Many of the upcoming shows will feature the work of senior art majors. To kick off their senior spotlight series, curators Kelsey Gallagher ’17 and Olivia Paone ’15 invited senior Sarah Haimes to exhibit photographs she took during her time studying in Prague and traveling around Europe.

“It is truly exciting for me to have a solo show in the Lamarche Gallery,” Haimes said. “I feel so honored to have been given the incredible opportunity to share my work with the community before I graduate in May.”

Before Haimes’ show, Paone and Gallagher organized a exhibition in the Blue Gallery to coincide with Black History Month. Symone Howard ’15 found old event posters in the Russwurm African American Center, and Paone and Gallagher had them framed. The posters offer an unusual glimpse into the politics and aesthetics of another era.

Nate Hintze, director of student activities, said he hired Gallagher and Paone to turn Smith Union into a “vibrant space for student artwork.”

Paone, an art history and visual arts major, jumped at the chance to work as one of the Union’s first curators. “Up to now, all the student art has been mostly isolated in Edwards [Center for Art and Dance] or the Visual Arts Center,” she said. “We want to bring it to the community.”

Gallagher said that as an art and art history student, she’s frequently curious about what her peers are working on. “This job not only lets me see what other classes are up to, but also gives me valuable tools for a possible future career involving art,” she said.

When Haimes’ show comes down in a week or so, the two curators will exhibit senior Arhea Marshall’s photographs and videos of Germanu, followed by the annual Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Art Competition. Other senior shows will follow. Later in the semester, they have also invited alumna Lucy Walker ’14 to display some of her paintings.