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President-elect Clayton S. Rose: An Introduction to the Bowdoin Community Archives

Hours after the initial announcement that Clayton S. Rose has been named the fifteenth president of Bowdoin College, Rose and his wife, Julianne, were welcomed on campus Monday afternoon at a gathering in Morrell Lounge, Smith Union.

President Barry Mills greeted the crowd that lined the various levels of the space, welcoming his successor and introducing the people who had helped lead the search.

Introducing Clayton Rose from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Trustee Jes Staley ’79, who chaired the 18-member Presidential Search Committee, praised its membership for their tireless work and their shared devotion to the college, saying they found in Rose a leader who has thought deeply about the values of a liberal arts education and the challenges that lay ahead.

“He has the intellectual strength and quiet confidence to engage with our faculty as we consider the issues facing modern education, from technology to accessibility,” said Staley.

“All of us on the search committee felt Clayton would excel in leading the discussion around the core of Bowdoin’s mission, to create an environment of critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge.”

Board of Trustees Chair Deborah Jensen Barker ’80 spoke of what she called Rose’s deep and abiding commitment to social justice and diversity.

“As we on the search committee reflected on where Bowdoin is today and where it has the potential to go, we couldn’t help but recognize and applaud the tremendous leadership of Barry Mills,” Barker said.

“And from our first meeting, we saw in Clayton someone who recognizes and values the excellence that has been achieved here in these last 14 years. And someone who has the ambition for Bowdoin to continue on this path to be a leader and advocate for the liberal arts in the nation and the world.”

Rose, currently a member of the faculty at the Harvard Business School, teaches and writes about the responsibilities of leadership and managerial values.

“I come with a deep respect for what makes Bowdoin unique, for the success you enjoy, and the work that it took you to get here,” said Rose. “Bowdoin should — and will always — remain unique and true to its roots.”

Rose, though officially taking office July 1, 2015, said he will visit campus regularly in the months leading to his presidency.

“I will always strive to be accessible and transparent, honest with you, collaborative and inclusive,” Rose said, adding that he looks forward to making a contribution to the College’s continued success.

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