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Seashore Digital Diaries: Seastone Sculptor Archives

Seastone from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

Seashore Digital Diaries, a fall semester course taught by visiting filmmaker and Coastal Studies Scholar David Conover ’83, P’17 and cross-listed in three departments — visual arts, environmental studies, and cinema studies — used video production as a tool of inquiry at the seashore. We continue our weekly series featuring a selection of the videos produced with “Fort Popham,” with description and commentary provided by Conover:

A winter walk with her brother to the rocky shores of Penobscot Bay is the scene of this introspection by Tess Lameyer ’16. The destination is one special place on that shore; one of those natural places that the writer Richard Louv suggests we each hold dear from our childhood and very rarely have the chance to revisit. Tess’s video is a portrait of her brother and his seastone sculpture (which builds right before our eyes in her well shot and tightly edited sequences). At the same time, with the simple evocative original music provided by another brother and the chosen words of the poet David Whyte, the video is clearly introspective, an expression of how an individual’s relationship to the Maine Coast is bound tightly with her relationship to others. I love it!

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