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Bowdoin Professors on Sabbatical, All Over the Map Archives

This year, more than three dozen Bowdoin faculty members have dispersed to all corners of the map for sabbatical projects. Explore this map to see where they’ve gone – from Russia to New Zealand to South Africa to Uruguay.

Meanwhile, professors who have returned from recent sabbaticals continue the tradition of presenting their findings to colleagues in weekly lunch seminars. Last semester’s program included lectures by Mary Lou Zeeman (Mathematics), David Hecht (History), Jeffrey Selinger (Government), Judith Casselberry (Africana Studies), Jack O’Brien (Mathematics), Charlotte Griffin (Dance), John Fitzgerald (Economics), Dharni Vasudevan (Chemistry), Michael Birenbaum Quintero (Music), Abigail Killeen (Theater), Erik Nelson (Economics), and Ben Gorske (Chemistry).