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Polar Solar: A Trip to the Solar Panel Array Archives

Bowdoin’s new solar panel complex — which includes a field of panels at the former Navy base and panels atop the Watson, Farley and Greason athletic buildings — went online in October. More than six times the size of the next largest existing solar project in Maine, this system will provide about 8% of the College’s electricity. SolarCity will install an additional 12-kW system on the new residence hall at 52 Harpswell Road later this year.

“Our partnership with SolarCity reduces Bowdoin’s dependence on fossil fuels and makes sense for the college economically,” Bowdoin President Barry Mills said. “It also provides meaningful educational opportunities for students and faculty focused on alternative energy and sustainability, and underscores Bowdoin’s continuing commitment to the responsible stewardship of our environment.”

The project is a collaboration between Bowdoin and SolarCity, the nation’s number-one solar power provider. Under the agreement, SolarCity, which financed and built the system, will own and maintain the solar installations on college property, and Bowdoin will purchase all generated power.