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Dancing into December: The Annual Dance Concert Archives

Beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers performed in the annual December Dance Concert last weekend. The show included special guests Rachel Boggia and Carol Dilley of Bates College, as well as many Bowdoin students studying modern dance. Paul Sarvis, a senior lecturer in dance performance, screened a short movie he made about aging, memory and movement.

The program:

Performed by students in Dance 3212, Modern III: Emily Bungert ’15, Annamariah Knox ’15, Madeline Rutan ’16, Lucia Saidenberg ’15, Jacqueline Sullivan ’15
Choreographed by Charlotte Griffin, assistant professor of theater and dance

Her Story Repeats Itself
Choreographed and performed by Rachel Boggie and Carol Dilley of Bates College

Film and choreography by Paul Sarvis, senior lecturer in dance performance
Performed by Ana Isabel Keilson (young woman) and Barbara Johnston (old woman)

en banc
Performed by students in Dance 2212, Modern II: Cece Howard ’16 and Jarred Kennedy-Loving ’15
Choreographed by the student dancers and Gwyneth Jones, senior lecturer in dance performance

Let’s Dance
Performed by students in Dance 1212, Modern I: Genesis Escalante ’18, Jacob Hart ’17, Laura Hernandez ’17, Lucy Skinner ’16, Agathe Wallin ’17, Christopher Warren ’17, June Woo ’16, Joan Yego ’16 and Chunyi Zhao ’15
Choreographed by Gwyneth Jones, senior lecturer in dance performance