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Climbers Compete in First Bates-Bowdoin-Colby Tournament Archives


Students, left to right: Sierra Frisbie, Heather Witzel-Lakin, Lara Bluhm, Anna Hall, Lizzie Givens, Tess Hamilton, Dimitria Spathakis, Aeron Westeinde, Hunter Moeller, Phillip Kiefer, Drew Villeneuve, Will Doak, Jaquelyn Wu and Eli Peirce

Fifteen Bowdoin students recently traveled to Bates College’s climbing wall to compete in the first-ever Bates-Bowdoin-Colby climbing tournament.

The competitors had 90 minutes to attempt a variety of routes that had been set up on the wall. The more difficult the route, the more points the students could earn by completing it.

Sierra Frisbee ’15, who helped organize the event, said the scores were still being counted. But, she added, the competition was not so much about winning or losing as it was about strengthening the college climbing community.

The competition also provided a much needed outlet for cooped-up climbers who can’t scale rock cliffs outside during the winter. “It was cool for us to have something to look forward to,” Frisbie said. “And it was also great to meet people who are stoked about climbing.”

While it might appear that climbers are solitary athletes — one person versus one rock wall, and so on — they in fact are energized by each other’s presence and support, according to Eli Peirce ’15, who competed in the event. “Climbers feed off each other and climb better when there are others watching and cheering.” He added, “It’s good to get people together.”

Frisbie said that climbers at the three colleges are planning another competition next semester, most likely at Colby.