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Bowdoin’s ‘Dinner With Six Strangers’ Strikes Home Archives

Cordelia Zars ’17 created an audio story on this year’s Dinner With Six Strangers event, which was centered on the theme of home.  

dinner with six strangersAs holidays like Christmas approach, along with turkey and pie, they bring a sense of community, familiarity, and belonging. In a word, a sense of home.

Sometimes Bowdoin can feel short of a home amid midterms and projects, so the office of Residential Life works to maintain a sense of community at the college.

Every year, mid-semester, Res-Life hosts an event called “Dinner with Six Strangers.” The event is funded by the Donald and Barbara Kurtz Fund. People sign up and are randomly assigned to a family-style dinner table with six strangers. They can be students, faculty, or staff. The purpose of the event is to give an opportunity for students to break out of their routine and to engage in a comfortable setting to make new connections. This year’s conversation theme was home.