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‘Thirsty Thursday’ Event Quenches Thirst for Chem-Free Fun Archives

Two students indulge in free samples of locally made beverages

Samantha Caras ’15 and Samantha Hoegle ’17 organized a chem-free event Thursday evening to showcase Maine-made sodas and drinks — and the new student space at 52 Harpswell Rd. Plus, they wanted to indulge in a little wordplay.

“We thought it would be fun to play on words,” Caras said. Caras is the head residential advisor of the recently renovated residential hall, 52 Harpswell. Hoegle is an officer at Howell House.

So they organized a “Thirsty Thursday” party in the common space at 52 Harpswell. Thirsty Thursday is a common term on college campuses that alludes to turning Thursday nights into party nights to extend the weekend.

The two students reached out to local beverage companies — Smiling Hill Farm, Capt’n Eli’s, Atlantic Brewing, Flavrz Organic, Moxie, and Maine Root & Green Bee — all of which donated drinks free of charge or provided them at a discount.

“Why not focus on all the good things nearby?” Caras said.

On Thursday evening, student volunteers filled up small (and biodegradable) taster cups with different drinks, making a colorful display of red, yellow, brown, and blue liquids. In addition, Bowdoin Dining provided warm blueberry crisp and cheese, fruit and sandwiches.

Student tasters were invited to fill out a survey on the drinks for marketing info that Caras and Hoegle will provide the vendors. (The survey’s choice for highest marks was, “I would swim in a pool of this.”)

“Mmm, buttery,” one student said as she tipped a little cup into her mouth. “Light and creamy,” said another.

Caras and Hoegle said they’re hoping Thirsty Thursday becomes an annual tradition, perhaps along with a locally sourced “Snack-time Sunday.”