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Kolster’s Rivers Series Expands Westward (KCET) Archives

This time, photography professor Michael Kolster’s Guggenheim Fellowship project Take Me to the River has taken him (and his portable dark room) to the Los Angeles River – which in many ways is not so different from Maine’s own Androscoggin, says Kolster in a story by California’s news channel KCET.

Through his expansive series of wet plate photographs, Kolster is exploring the natural and human histories of American rivers as shaped by influences such as the Industrial Revolution and the 1972 Clean Water Act. His previous destinations include Virginia’s James River, Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River, and Georgia’s Savannah River.

Sunnybrook, Atwater Village, Los Angeles River, 2014 (by Michael Kolster)

Sunnybrook, Atwater Village, Los Angeles River, 2014. Michael Kolster.