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Students Launch New App to Promote Campus Events Archives

A student talks to Andrew Haeger, Ruben Martinez and Zack Leman about Campus Quad

A student talks about Campus Quad with Andrew Haeger (sitting), Ruben Martinez (handing over iPhone) and Zack Leman

Sitting at a table in Smith Union laden with posters, Andrew Haeger ’16, Ruben Martinez ’15 and Zack Leman ’15 were, during a recent lunch hour, exhorting passers-by to learn about their new app.

“You should download Campus Quad!” Haeger first called out to a student and then to a staff member who were walking by. One student came over to find out more information. “Are you sure I don’t have to follow anyone?” she asked. She was reassured that she didn’t.

Campus Quad, a new tool developed by a start-up in California, is designed to make it easier for college communities to spread the word about events and programs. Once you download the app to your iPhone or Android, or sign up for it on the web, you can look over all the happenings going on on campus, as well as add your own event.

For security reasons, the app can only be accessed by people within the Bowdoin community and who are on the campus network.

“There are a lot of events on campus but not everyone knows about them,” Haeger said. “With the app, it’s easier for people to find event details and it’s easier to advertise events. And you don’t have to make posters and cut down trees.”

Martinez added that the app allows event organizers to check out the analytics from their post to see how many people looked at their event and how many people checked that they were going.

The company behind Campus Quad is testing the tool with several colleges and universities, including Bowdoin, so right now it is free, according to Haeger.

Martinez, Haeger and Leman are part of the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC), a student group that works with Bowdoin’s IT department  to improve the Bowdoin experience through technology.