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Bowdoin Puts Apples in Hungry Kids’ Backpacks Archives

To coincide with Food Day last Friday, Bowdoin Dining organized an apple sale at the C-Store in Smith Union. When people donated 55 cents, or the price of one apple, Bowdoin Dining donated two apples to the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program in Brunswick. The apples were for children to take home during the weekends when, away from subsidized meal programs at school, they were at risk of going hungry.

In total, C-store shoppers purchased 280 apples, meaning Dining donated 560 apples from Greenwood Orchards to the backpack program. Several people bought more than one apple, according to Josiah Stewart, who was working at the store on Friday.

Last night, Bowdoin’s Budget and Planning Analyst Jamie Tatham was at the MCHPP, along with a group of volunteers, loading up the bags that will be put into 280 kids’ backpacks this Friday. Each bag contained one apple plus whole wheat pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned chicken and vegetables, milk, fruit cups and squeezes, oatmeal pouches and raisins. For the past two school years, volunteers have assembled these bags each week.