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27th Annual Cross-Country Team Canoe Race Archives

Members of the cross-country team gave their sea legs and other muscles a workout when the took part in the annual canoe race that has become a tradition for more than a quarter-century.

The team runs a two mile warm-up to the Brunswick Boat Launch on the Androscoggin River. Runners then jump into canoes, and paddle three miles into Merrymeeting Bay and the finish line that is the old Bay Bridge between Topsham and Brunswick. They then run six miles back along the river back to campus in time for dinner, at which point they eat whatever they want.

First place: Bridger Tomlin ’17, Tracey Faber ‘17, and Olivia Erickson ‘18 —59:27
Second place: Kevin Hoose ’15 and Will Doak ’17 — 1:01:13
Third place: Brenna Fischer ’15 and Charlie Southwick ’18 — 1:04:02