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Facts: 52 Harpswell Archives

After more than a year of collaborating, planning and constructing, Bowdoin College opened its property at 52 Harpswell Road to students in September. The facility houses 35 students in 20 rooms. The two-story residence, formerly Stevens Retirement Home, was constructed circa 1860. Major additions were made in 1940 and 2000. While much of the original structure remains, improvements include significant upgrades to shared spaces, including the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, activity room and study spaces. The first floor is fully ADA accessible. The renovations provide a durable, safe and efficient environment, but one that is also homey and comfortable.

The Bowdoin College Organic Garden has cultivated new grounds behind the home, taking advantage of the existing barn for storage and garden-related events. The new location will provide increased campus community involvement with the garden.

The project has been renovated to LEED-silver standards, and has the following sustainable features:

  • Rainwater barrels for use in the organic garden
  • Additional insulation and new windows
  • New interior materials that were either manufactured in the region and/or have a high recycled content
  • Pine benches and wainscoting in the corridors made with repurposed material that was originally spectator seating in the former Dayton Ice Arena (1956)
  • Energy efficient lighting and low-flow water fixtures
  • Natural gas heating system and variable-speed, highly efficient boiler
  • Native and water efficient landscaping

Architect: Harriman Associates, Auburn
Contractor: Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc., Portland
Project Managers: Don Borkowski and John Simoneau, Bowdoin College
Constructed: 1860, 1940 and 2000
Project size: 14,959 sq. ft.