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Bowdoin Rowing Wins Reading Amateur Regatta Archives

Reading Amateur Regatta Gold

From left: Mary Bryan Barksdale ’15, Courtney Payne ’15, Sophie Berubé ’16, Emily Martin ’15, and Katie Ross ’14 took home gold at the Reading Amateur Regatta this weekend.

Bowdoin Rowing’s Varsity 1 Women’s boat won the Women’s Elite 4+ at the Reading Amateur Regatta Saturday, claiming Bowdoin’s first ever victory in an international regatta and continuing their undefeated streak for the year. Katie Ross ’14, Emily Martin ’15, Courtney Payne ’15, Mary Bryan Barksdale ’15 and coxswain Sophie Berubé ’16 took home the Jane Snow Trophy and made an indelible impression on the British rowing community. They beat out the British powerhouse Thames RC, one of London’s oldest and most prestigious rowing clubs, in the semifinals, then bested Boston’s Riverside Boat Club — who was favored to win the Henley — a mere two hours later in the finals.

In the Women’s Intermediate 4+ category, Bowdoin’s Varsity 2 women — Nora Hefner ’16, Erica Hummel ’16, Amy Spens ’15, Audrey DeFusco ’16, and coxswain Maddie Livingston ’16 — were defeated by only 2 boat lengths to a crew that went on to compete in the event’s final round. In the Women’s Intermediate Single Sculls, Liza Tarbell ’17 chased after a rower from Thames RC who went on to win the event.

The Henley Women’s Regatta opens Friday, June 20, 2014, and will include crews from Britain who were not at Reading, but head coach Gil Birney says Bowdoin goes into the HWR with a huge win under its belt. Row U Bears!