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The Record-Setting Class of 2018 Archives

The Bowdoin College Class of 2018 is an impressive lot, from the stellar students who made the cut, to the various records they helped reach along the way.

Comprising 522 students (which predictably will reduce to approximately 500 over the course of the summer), the Class of 2018 is currently made up of 272 men and 250 women.

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They represent 41 states, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico; 37 international students come from 13 countries.

Bowdoin is providing need-based, no-loan student aid packages to 226 of the students, or 43.3% of the class.

Now for the records: The overall yield for the class, that is, the percentage of those enrolled, after admitting 1,032 students from a field of 6,935 applicants, is 50.5% — the highest ever, and the overall admit rate was 14.8%.

There is a record number of students (166, or 32% of the class) who self-identify as multicultural; the Class of 2018 also has a record number of first-generation students (63 or 12% of the class).

The number of high schools sending Bowdoin at least one applicant rose 6% to a new record of 3,374.

Members of the Class of 2018 begin to arrive on campus August 26 for Orientation trips organized through the Bowdoin Outing Club and Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good. Classes begin September 4.