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President Mills Honors Student Leaders Archives

Bowdoin College President Barry Mills recently treated 10 students to lunch at the Cleaveland House. He presented the seniors and one junior with College awards to recognize their leadership qualities and other gifts.

Leadership awards:

Andrew Allison Haldane Cup: Laurel Varnell ’14
This cup, given by fellow officers in the Pacific in memory of Capt. Andrew Allison Haldane, USMCR, of the Class of 1941, is awarded to a member of the senior class who has outstanding qualities of leadership and character.

Lucien Howe Prize: Adrian Rodriguez ’14
This prize is awarded by the faculty to a member of the senior class who as an undergraduate, by example and influence, has shown the highest qualities of conduct and character.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cup: Ian Kline ’15
Furnished by the Bowdoin chapter of Alpha Delta Phi Society, this cup is awarded to the member of the three lower classes whose vision, humanity, and courage most contribute to making Bowdoin a better college.

Michael Francis Micciche III Memorial Award: Susanna Howard ’14
This award is given annually to that individual who embodies the entire Bowdoin experience; who engages the College community, achieves academic excellence, and earns the respect of his or her peers and professors. This individual must plan on broadening his or her education following graduation, either through enrollment at a graduate school or through a structured travel or volunteer program.

President’s Award: Kate Kearns ’14 and Allen Wong Yu ’14
This award, inaugurated in 1997 by President Robert H. Edwards, recognizes a student’s exceptional personal achievements and uncommon contributions to the College. The student’s actions demonstrate particular courage, imagination, and generosity of spirit; and they benefit the atmosphere, program, or general effectiveness of the College.

Commencement awards:

Goodwin Commencement Prize: Kate Lauretta Kearns ’14
Established by the Reverend Daniel Raynes Goodwin 1832, this prize is awarded for a written or oral presentation at Commencement.

Class of 1868 Prize: James Denison ’14
Contributed by the Class of 1868, this prize is awarded for a written and spoken oration at Commencement by a member of the senior class.

DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Prize: First Prize: Samuel Burnim ’14, Second Prize: Alithea McFarlane ’14 Second Prize: Michelle Wiener ’14
Established in 1906 by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander 1870, these prizes are awarded for “excellence in select declamation.” The first prize winner will speak at the Baccalaureate Ceremony and the second prize winner, if one is selected, serves as an alternate speaker.