Outtakes From Senior Week

senior class photo 2014

Photo by Dennis Griggs

In the run-up to Commencement, seniors have made the most of their last days at Bowdoin. Traditionally called Senior Week, the days preceding Saturday’s graduation ceremony are packed with activities and parties. This year the class of 2014 went to a Sea Dogs ballgame in Portland and planned a beach day at Popham. They were treated to a reception, a brunch and a “Commencing dinner” at Bowdoin. They flew through the air on a zip line, maneuvered through a tricky obstacle course, took in a concert at Smith Union, and mingled with favorite professors at an informal gathering.

Laurel Varnell ’14, who helped plan Senior Week, said the week is meant to be fun, relaxing and a celebration of the students’ time at Bowdoin. “I am hoping that seniors are able to enjoy their last week at Bowdoin with no classes, exams or papers to worry about, and to be able to spend time their with the friends, professors and staff members that they have gotten to know over the past four years,” she said.

Zip line and obstacle course photos contributed by Monkey C Monkey Do

thumb:Bowdoin Colledge Museum of Art
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