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Students Show Off International Talents Archives

At the International Club’s 2014 annual talent show last Saturday, students and faculty performed acts representing cultures from all over the world, including France, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, China and the United States.

Each year, Bowdoin’s student-run International Club hosts a show for students, staff and faculty to play music, dance, sing or, as the case may be, perform card tricks. The club also orders takeout from local ethnic restaurants, treating the show’s attendees to a feast of sushi, naan, noodles and spicy stir-fries.

The talent show is the climax of a week of events celebrating the many cultures and countries of Bowdoin students. The International Club offered lessons on how to cook Indian pakoras, Thai pineapple fried rice and Chinese hot-and-sour potatoes. The club also hosted an international trivia night at the pub, and its members set up a language station at Smith Union to teach passers-by how to say a few words or phrases in Nepali, Chinese, Thai, Urdu, Turkish, Russian and Georgian.

This year’s talent show included the following performers: Phoebe Zhang ’16 (piano); Max Miao ’17 (xiao); Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics Justin Marks (vocal); Alexis Little ’14 (piano and vocal); Justin Hung ’15 (guitar); Violet Ranson ’16 (poetry); Lucy Luo ’16 and Richard Guo ’17 (magic card performance); Viet Nguyen ’14 (piano and vocal); Amalie MacGowan ’15 (vocal); June Guo ’16 and June Woo ’16 (dance); Chandy Eng and Sivgech Chheng (dance and vocal); and Adjunct Lecturer in French Erin Curren (dance).

The restaurants that supplied dishes were Little Tokyo, Shere Punjab, Bangkok Garden, Little Saigon, Scarlet Begonias, Bombay Mahal and Asian Garden.