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Paint, Sip, Paint, Sip: Bowdoin Offers ‘Paint Night’ at the Pub Archives


Paint Night at the pub is a new activity at Bowdoin

Instead of heading to a bar to tipple a pint or maybe two, students gathered at Jack Magee’s pub in the Smith Union last Friday evening to dip brush tips into oily paints. Paint Nights are a popular new phenomenon at bars and restaurants, which provide canvases and art supplies to patrons while they imbibe responsibly. At the end of the night, artists take home their original creations.

Bowdoin Student Activities partnered with the College’s Craft Center and Jack Magee’s pub for the second Paint Night this academic year. The event, organized by Student Activities Manager Bonnie Pardue, attracted students from all class years and artistic backgrounds. “Paint night is a great opportunity to explore a different medium, create with friends and enjoy some good stress relief,” Art Instructor Loni Ellis said. The event was also an opportunity for students to experience a satellite class from the Craft Center, which offers arts and craft classes throughout the year. “We’re bringing the Craft Center to the students!” Assistant Director of Student Activities Silvia Serban said..