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Kemp Symposium: ‘Visions of Reality: Science and Other Means of Seeking Knowledge’ Apr. 17-18 Archives

Modern science enjoys a prominent place and enormous authority in our age. Such prestige is the outcome of a long historical process, during which scientific knowledge and method have been gradually promoted over other forms of knowledge and methods of inquiry. The Kemp Symposium, “Visions of Reality: Science and Other Means of Seeking Knowledge,” brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to examine the diverse means of creating technical knowledge before and after the birth of modern science.

Keynote speaker Don J. Wyatt

Keynote speaker Don J. Wyatt

The keynote address,”The Spear and Shield of Knowledge: Scientific Transference and Cultural Obstruction Between China and the West,” by Don J. Wyatt, Middlebury College’s John M. McCardell Jr. Distinguished Professor, and the panels — “The Peripatetic,” “The Encyclopedic,” “The Reflexive,” “The Pious,” and “The Mathematical” — highlight the latest scholarship on a range of issues, from scientific transference between traditional China and the West to nuclear power during the Cold War period.

The symposium events are open to the public free of charge. For more information and the complete schedule of events, go to: 2014 Kemp Symposium or call the Department of History at 207-725-3291.

Sponsored by the Robert J. Kemp Lectureship Fund, Departments of History, Asian Studies, Religion, Chemistry, and Earth and Oceanographic Science.