Prof. Henry Discusses ‘Putin’s Games’ on Public Radio (MPBN)

laura-henry-bowdoin-college-1Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s call-in program, Maine Calling, invited Bowdoin political scientist Laura Henry, along with three other Russian experts, onto its program Wednesday. With the Olympic Games just around the corner, host Jennifer Rooks said all eyes are on Russia and Vladimir Putin. So, what should we know about Russia and U.S.-Russian relations?

Henry, Bowdoin’s John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Associate Professor of Government and acting chair of the Russian Department, started by saying Putin views these games as a chance to show the world Russia is still a great world power, and as a way to help legitimize his presidency. Listen to the full conversation.

Earlier in the week, Henry joined Professor of Russian Emerita Jane Knox to give a campus talk on Russia. Student reporter Erica Hummel ’16 writes, “Seeking to go beyond the headlines, the two experts delivered candid perspectives on the games. Knox shared her knowledge of the history and culture of the region while Henry shed light on the politics surrounding the event.” Read Hummel’s story.

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